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Wascator 71 CLS

• Meets IEC and ISO International Standards.
• Suitable for Testing washing effects of detergents and textile Quality Control
• Suspended Drum Construction allows a high extraction force, No foundation required.
• Equipped with Clarus Control
• Supplied with Program Card to ISO 6330 - 2012 specification
• Marks and Spencer Program Card available to approved suppliers.

Option of complete Starter Kit, can be used with Opti Dry Tumble Dryer (see Opti Range) for stability testing.

To order this product or to find out more information please use reference code: WASCATOR

AATCC Washers & Dryers

Washers and Dryers are used in AATCC test methods 88B, 88C, 124,130,135,142,143,150,159, and 179. Also specified by international retailers and testing organisations.

Whirlpool Washers

• Extra large capacity tub (8.2kg)
• Large lid for easy loading
• Short Wash Cycle
• Reverse action agitator
• Roll Over Wash Action
• 8 programmes 2 spin speeds
• 5 wash rinse temperature settings
• Direct Drive system

Whirlpool Dryers

• Massive 10kg capacity
• 5 Automatic drying cycles
• 3 temperature settings
• Tumble Press cycle replaces ironing for wrinkled clothes
• Cool Down Period at end of cycle
• Extra large top mounted lint screen
• Rotary nonslip controls for simple operation.

To order this product or to find out more information please use reference: AATCC Washers & Dryers