Roaches International Ltd Sample Dyeing, Quality Control and Test Equipment for the Dyehouse and Laboratory

Semi Continuous / Continuous Dyeing

Range of Bench mounted and Floor Standing padders, available in 350mm or 500mm wide, Models available include Vertical, Horizontal or Vertical and Horizontal (Swivel) options more..
Sky Pad
Designed for Dyeing Indigo and Sulphur Dye where an oxidation time is required, system allows multidip and Sky Oxidation more..
Coating Units
To facilitate laboratory scale applications of pastes and similar media, The coater is designed to complement the TFO range of ovens and steamers, manual operation. more..
TFO Oven
Range of Ovens and Steamers for Thermosol upto 240ºC and / or Steaming processes (102-106ºC) , available in 350mm or 500mm wide with option of Pin Frame only or pinframe and roll to roll (continuous) operation. more..
Mini Thermo
Bench Mounted Thermofixation Oven upto 240ºC . Manual Pin frame operation, automatic temperature and time control. more..
AO Steamer
Processes fabrics samples approximately 840 x 1200 mm in size under saturated steam conditions at temperatures upto 104º c. Adjustable pinframe gives option of processing different sizes of sample. more..
Designed to simulate production calendars and produce special effects on fabrics. Features heated top bowl with temperature control, option of filled bowls (Woollen , paper, cotton, polyamide) and positive gear drive. more..
Flash Ager
Pad Steam Unit designed for fixation of dyes onto printed fabrics. more..
Mini Stenter
Two Bay Stenter with individual temperature control to each chamber, temperature range 50ºc to 240º C adjustable fabric width and speed to simulate production stentering conditions. more..
Opti Therm
Continuous Oven for producing non continuous samples, uses clips to hold samples and transport through 1.5m chamber, sample collection tray after process. more..
Pad Steam CPS
Continuous Roll to Roll process, 4 metre chamber capacity , can be employed for steaming fabrics for dyeing and bleaching processes. Available in 350 mm or 500mm wide options. more..
Wash Range
Available in 2 or more baths. Variable speed drive, Heated wash tanks to enable the removal of residue dye and chemicals can be linked to Roaches range of Stenters and steamers. more..
Monomat & Duomat
Single or double chamber ovens each chamber with 4 metre capacity, in Duomat (Double Chamber) individual temperature control to each chamber, can be linked to Roaches Padders and Wash Ranges to give full continuous operation. more..
Standalone infra-red pre dryer for pre drying samples before using TFO / TFO S. more..