Roaches International Ltd Sample Dyeing, Quality Control and Test Equipment for the Dyehouse and Laboratory

Sample Pilot

Atmospheric Jig dyeing machine for dyeing upto 35 metres of fabric. Available in 350mm or 500mm wide Automatic time / temperature and fabric reversal. more..
Range of Atmospheric sample winches are available from 50 litre capacity upto 100 litres with option of steam or electric heating., Option of full automation and dosing pump. more..
M10 Jet
Sample High Temperature JET dyeing machine, capable of processing from 2-20 metres with full automatic control. more..
Sample Package dyeing machine, for yarn, fabric or loose fibre processing, High Temperature operation, upto 4 kg capacity. more..
Atmospheric Drum Dyeing machine with capacity from 50 to 800 litres. For Garment / Hosiery Dyeing and enzyme washing. more..
MP Processor
Can be used to perform wet processing and washing trials Small scale winch ( upto 9 litres of liquor) or for washing small samples of fabric after pad steam or pad Thermosol processing. more..