Roaches International Ltd Sample Dyeing, Quality Control and Test Equipment for the Dyehouse and Laboratory

Sample Dyeing

Infra Red Dyeing
The new Pyrotec³ is compact in design, has the latest state of the art microprocessor control which has 90 Programs x 50 Steps. It supports up to 24 Beaker Capacity with options 100ml to 8000ml.more..
Oil / Waterbath and Fluidbed
Oil or water heated machines with water cooling, HTHP operation , processing yarns, fabrics and loose fibres beaker sizes from 100ml to 1000ml. Full Digital time / temperature control more..
Package Dyeing
Capable of processing, yarn package, fabric beam, and loose fibre, vessel capacity 1200ml, fully automated control, option for ph measurement, dosing pump and spectrophotometer link. more..
Dk Dyeing
16 position atmospheric sample dyeing machine, digital time temperature control, processing of yarns, fabrics and loose fibres. Beaker sizes from 250 – 1800ml more..
Leather Dyeing
4 sample baths, individual time temperature control to each bath, max temperature 80 c more..