Roaches International Ltd Sample Dyeing, Quality Control and Test Equipment for the Dyehouse and Laboratory

Quality Control

Abrasion and Pilling tester, Available with 4 , 6 or 8 positions, fully automatic control, meets requirements of ISO , ASTM standards and approved by Marks and Spencer and other leading retailers. Supplied with all Consumables more..
Washtec P
For Performing Colorfastness to ISO Washing and Dry Cleaning Tests and equivalent National Standards, Also Marks and Spencer and other leading retailer approved. Available with various capacities from 4 to 24 beakers. Single or multibath options. Starter Kit available featuring all consumables more..
Washtec P A2
Washtec A2 as Washtec P but also includes option of 1100ml test beakers for use in AATCC test methods requiring larger beakers. more..
For Crocking test conforms to requirements of ISO and equivalent National Standards also Marks and Spencer and other leading retailer approved available with and without counter and in Motorised option. more..
For testing Perspiration and water testing to ISO and National Standards, supplied with option of starter kit, also available Marks and Spencer Perspiration Tester. more..
Quality Control instrument to test dusting of dyestuffs or other powders, conforms to AATCC test method 184:2005 and ISO 105 –Z05 more..
Contact Heat
Meets requirements of ISO 105 P01 and X11, performs stability to heat and dye sublimation testing. more..
Zip Tester
Mechanical Testing of Zip Fasteners to BS3084 more..
Durawash Range
Print and Fabric Durability testing to Marks and Spencer and other leading retailer standards. more..
To meet the needs of the modern textile laboratory, Roaches International developed Opti-Dry as a standard reference drying unit for textile samples. The Opti-Dry is rapidly becoming a standard machine for many leading chain stores and their suppliers.. more..
The Roaches International OPTI FADE + R-F is specifically designed to perform accelerated light fastness testing on textile samples and complies exactly with the requirements of ‘Standard Methods for the Determination of the Colour Fastness of textiles and leather.. more..
The Opti-Spray Spray Rating Tester is specifically designed to comply with the various methods of determining the water repellence of a textile fabric.. more..
ICI Pilling
ICI Pilling / M&S Pilling Meets requirements of ISO 12945-1 and M&S P18A, P18B available in 2 box / drum , 4 box / drum combinations. Supplied with all consumables. more..
Wascator 71 CLS
Wascator CLS washing machine for performing stability to washing tests to ISO 6330 - 2012 and Retailers standards . Also available Range of Whirlpool machines to meet AATCC requirements more..
Gas Fume Fading
Complies with BS1006 1990 G01 ,G02 , Features Motorised Frame, quick release connector for safe injection of gas. more..
Laboratory Scale drying and tumbling unit designed to simulate conditions in production aerodynamic systems for fabrics such as Tencel. more..
Sample Cutters
Circular Sample Cutters available in 113cm, 38cm and 140cm diameters, also available boards, spare blades. Linear Swatch Cutter for sample swatch presentation. more..
Crease Recovery
To determine the recovery characteristics of fabrics when creased in a loading device for a predetermined time using the appropriate test weight. Built in accordance with ISO 2313 more..
Range of Light Assessment Cabinets and Specimen viewers, to meet all ISO, National and Retailers Test Methods. Featured Lights include D65 , TL84 , Filament and UV. Assessment devices for Pilling and Smoothness Appearance available. more..
Tensile Machine
Machine for Measuring Tear Strength , Seam Slippage, burst strength of fabrics, also testing of yarns. Various capacities of machine available to meet all requirements. more..
Elmendorf Tear Tester
To determine the ballistic tearing strength of textiles, paper or board. Supplied with Pendulums, Calibration weights, Sample Template and all accessories. more..
Wide Range of Consumables for Washing, Pilling, Abrasion and all other major testing groups to meet ISO , ASTM , AATCC and other National and Retailers specifications. more..