Roaches International Ltd Sample Dyeing, Quality Control and Test Equipment for the Dyehouse and Laboratory


•  A comprehensive range of experimental laboratory and production padders.
•  Specially designed to give high nip pressure Available in fixed position 2 and 3 bowl units as well as adjustable horizontal / vertical units.
•  Digital pressure gauge for repeatable results.
•  All models are available in a variety of face widths and are supplied as standard with variable speed drive.
•  Most are available either floor standing or bench mounted
•  BVP, BHP and BVHP models include facilities for batch processing.

To order this product or to find out more information please use reference code: PADDER

A wide range of padders are available including the combined vertical and horizontal model BVHP. The machines are available as bench or floor standing. All have pneumatic pressure squeeze and variable speed drive.

Range of Economy model padders available in 350mm or 500mm Vertical (EVP) and Horizontal (EHP) models available.