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Small Package, Beam and Loose Fibre Dyeing Machine

Standard Features
•  Maximum working temperature 135°C
•  Variable liquor flow up to 9 litres/min
•  Direct and differential pressure readings Flow reversal
•  Pressure pump providing static pressure condition
•  Addition tank
•  Liquor sampling through addition tank
•  Autofill

To order this product or to find out more information please use reference code: COLORTEC

A compact package / beam dyeing machine featuring a high specification. The machine has an advanced stainless steel pump which is reversible and gives high flow rates up to 9L/min, higher than is available from other competitive machines.

The controller is a state-of-the-art touch screen giving all information. i.e. time temperature, step and program number, static pressure and differential pressure as well as flow rate and pH where fitted.

Optional Features
•  Magnetic induction flow meter
•  Vacuum pump
•  pH meter for use up to 135°C
•  Interface and software for communications package to PC
•  Spectrophotometer link for on line monitoring